Learn The Newest Real Estate Investing Strategy That Will Grow Your Wealth In Just A Few Years Without Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars On Renovations!

"So What Will I Learn At the Upcoming FREE Class Anyway?"

In this FREE 90-minute class, Tyler is going to walk you through his tried and true little used investing strategy that has increased the value of many of his properties 100's of thousands of dollars in just a few years without doing major renovations.


Plus, Tyler's going to share his Simple Roadmap that will allow you to apply this this little known strategy, so that you can start investing in real estate just as easy as investing in a mutual fund; and putting your real estate investing business on the path to running on autopilot.

  1. The professionals you need to surround yourself with, to start investing in real estate today, right here in the Windsor-Essex County Area.

  2. The main factors you need to pay attention to when finding the best real estate market to invest in.

  3. How to properly analyze a property and determine if it is the best property to invest in with the highest ROI.

What you will learn in this FREE Training will is a simple step by step system that cuts out all the noise and narrows down the easiest way to start investing in real estate TODAY! 

Whether you are just thinking about investing in real estate or an established investor, there is always something to learn.

Get  Started Investing in

Real Estate Today 

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Tyler Is Sharing The Best, Fundamentally Sound Real Estate Investing Strategies That He Actually Implements Right Here in the Windsor-Essex County Areas!

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Are you struggling to get started? Are you worried about the amount of work and time that it’s going to take to invest in real estate? Do you think investing in real estate is too risky? I had all these concerns.

​I knew the returns that real estate investing could generate on my hard-earned money, and knew that the risk would be worth the reward.

But, I was still stuck on the sidelines, wondering if I could do it, and do it without losing a ton of money.

Then a mentor of mine sat me down and went over the numbers, showed me how to analyze property, and that was all it took.

Hearing from an experienced investor that a potential property would be a good investment, relieved all my concerns, because I now had a benchmark, a roadmap, to help me find properties to invest in.

From there, it was easy!

I could pick out a property and right away know if it would make me money or not. The risk was gone.

However, the time involved with investing in real estate was still very much there. And, in the beginning of my investing career, I spent a lot of time on my real estate investing business.

It took me years to figure out a system that allowed me to invest in real estate on autopilot.

And it was by default that the system I created and implemented led me to a strategy that allowed me to grow my wealth FAST…

Without having to invest a ton of capital into renovations.

Without having to compete with tons of other investors driving the price up on these types of properties.

Without having to be onsite, to be communicating with my contractor every day.

Without having to stay within budget so that I could sell for a profit, or refinance for the price I needed to refinance the property at to pull out my capital.

This system, combined with this little known strategy, is the perfect combination to start building wealth; risk free, hands off, even if you’ve never invested before.

So, don't miss this unique experience.

We look forward to meeting you and developing a life-long friendship.


Tyler Soulliere

Windsor, Ontario | | Tyler Soulliere

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