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Why I Invest in Real Estate - Part 2

Last month I touched on a couple of reasons on why you should invest in real estate. In today’s episode, I want to talk about even more reasons why you should!

The first reason is Mortgage Paydown

What I mean by this is, when you purchase an investment property, you find people whom will rent it from you, and that rent goes towards the money you borrowed from the bank; which is your mortgage. After say 25 years when there is no mortgage left and you own the property out right, meaning no debt is left, that property becomes your retirement, and if you sell it, you get the value of the property. So if you bought a property for 100K, in 25 years when the mortgage is paid off, you have 100K or even more, if the property appreciated.

Another reason you should own real estate is because you can see it. Owning real estate is so much better then owning stocks or mutual funds or bonds because you get to control it, improve it, raise your rents to get even more income, and pick the people whom rent the property for you. All those other investments you have no say in how to increase the value, but with real estate, you do.

Lastly, Investing in real estate is not like the horror stories you hear all the time. It can be very hands off, very similar to when you hand over your hard earned money to a financial advisor and have them invest it in a mutual fund or stock or whatever. The initial stages can require some work, but after that, it can be smooth sailing with the right systems in place.

There are also many other reasons to invest in real estate, so what’s stopping you? Trust me, you don’t want to wait to long, I wish I would’ve started sooner! WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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