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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

I’m here today talk to you about why I started investing in real estate. Sure the big houses, the fancy cars, and lavish lifestyle are all very enticing, and one of the reasons I of course started investing in real estate, but there are other reasons I invest in real estate, and I’m going to share a few of those with you here today!

  • You are Boss

  • If you ever wanted to be your own boss, real estate investing is the best way to do it. You won’t have to answer to anyone ever again, except maybe your spouse, when she tells you your crazy and why do you want to own real estate. Don’t worry, they will come around!

  • Leverage

  • Where else can you get people to lend you the money to buy something. Yes, credit cards lend you the money, but not to buy a house, unless you own a black card! And even then the interest to pay them back is 20%. Right now, the bank lends to you at below 3%! They are basically giving the money away, go get some and buy a property!

  • Freedom

  • I am now part-time realtor and full-time real estate investor. I don’t do the 8-5 anymore, I don’t get only 3 weeks vacation, I don’t get 30 minute lunch breaks and every other weekend off. I make my own hours. This is the best part of being a real estate investor. I don’t need the fancy lifestyle, this is all I need and want, more time to live my life everyday instead of working my life everyday!

Stay Tuned for next weeks video for the other reasons I invest in Real Estate and why you should too!

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