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How To Get Going

How to get going; either when it comes to investing in real estate, starting a new business or starting a new hobby.

So what do i mean by this? Well, this is when you want to do something, but you keep analyzing it, poking holes in it, and just never pulling the trigger.

Now why would i be talking about this. Because this is the biggest reason for why people don’t invest in real estate, or start a new business venture or a start a new hobby such as joining a gym. We all have the desire, and we all think about it and tell ourselves we are going to start tomorrow, but then we get to second guessing ourselves, we listen to other people whom tell us it won’t work or its too hard, we focus on the negatives. Well of course its going to be hard. The ol’ saying, if it was easy everyone would do it, is very, very true. Yet really, actually doing it, just starting, is the hardest part. One of my favourite motto’s, by a man name Mike Litman, nails this perfectly – you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. So how do you get going?

Well one of the main reasons you can’t get going is probably because there just isn’t the perfect property, or its just not the right time as your too busy with other stuff to start a business, or you don’t have enough time to join a gym. But i have news for you, the perfect property doesn’t exist, there never is a right time, and you have 168 hours in a week, do a time audit, which bobby maximus taught me, and breakdown where your hours go each week, and i guarantee you have plenty of time where you are just doing nothing.

I’ve seen so many investors never pull the trigger, waiting for that unicorn. Heard so many people just say its too risky to start a new business, and listened to tons of people say they don’t have the time to join a gym. But all waiting does is potentially delay your goals.

For instance, now that the market here in Windsor is doing very well, many people have missed out on huge profits from the appreciation the properties have had over the last couple of years, because they kept listening to other people say that the bubble is going to burst any day. But if there is one thing I've learned when investing in real estate, its that you can’t time the market. Its all about time ‘in’ the market.

So quit waiting and analyzing and doing nothing, and go buy a property, start putting your new business into motion, go join a gym, just get going.

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