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Who Am I to Write a Book?

Who am I to write a book? Let alone who am I to write a book about investing in real estate? Well in my mind, just some normal guy whom started investing in real estate by chance because a property I was trying to sell so that I could earn a commission kept being passed on by buyers. I tried for months trying to get investors whom I was working with as a Realtor to buy this 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex in need of major renovations, and no one would.

So I did!

This was at the end of 2013, and now, almost 5 years later, I'm a 30 something cash flowing real estate investor, who's bought 22 properties in that time span, fix and flipped 10 of 'em, and still currently own 12 of them, which all together totals over 50 doors now.

Since that very first property, I've climbed my way to a 7 figure net worth, having success using the BRRR method of investing (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance). It was also along my journey that I won the 2015 CREW Magazine Investor of the Year Award, beating out 1000's of investors throughout Canada.

It was then that it seemed people really started to take notice. I'd get emails from other investors and people looking to invest in real estate, wondering if they could pick my brain. People asking me to grab a coffee to pick my brain. Podcasts were inviting me to be interviewed for their next show. So many people wanted to know my secret, how I had become a successful real estate investor, and I started thinking, I should share my knowledge with everyone. Now, I had been thinking about writing a book for a couple of years now, but even with everything I've accomplished, I still felt like who am I to write a book.

There are so many successful real estate investors, some with 200+ flips, or own over 1000 doors, or have a 8, or 9 figure net worth, and here I am wanting to write a book to teach people how to be successful in real estate investing, when it should be these people whom should be writing the book. But when I reached out to my now writing coaches company, BookLaunchers, I told my coach, Julie Broad, that "I'm no expert in real estate investing, so why would anyone listen to what I have to say"? Her response put my mind at ease in that she said "you don't have to portray yourself as an expert, you want to portray yourself as someone who has had success, just like all the other people your comparing yourself to have had success". This helped as I don't want to be the guy whom thinks he knows everything about investing in real estate, but I feel like sharing my story, my knowledge and how I grew my real estate portfolio, could help someone else build a 7 figure net worth. WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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