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The Many Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Fix and Flip! Fix and Flip! Fix and Flip! That’s what most people first think of when they are interested in investing in real estate.

With almost every TV show about renovating a property and selling it, or renovating it to live in it, this is what people think investing in real estate is. But there are so many other ways that you can go about investing in real estate. Stay tuned and I’ll share them with you.

Almost everyone whom first asks me about investing in real estate asks about fix and flipping properties. But there are many other ways you can own property, that aren’t so capital intensive, so risky, and that there are even other types of properties you can invest in then the most known, a home. And, with these ways, you can still make a very good return on your hard earned money without the huge risk of fixing and flipping a property. And they are:

  1. Buying a property and renting it out, holding it for the long term, while the tenant pays down the mortgage and the property slowly appreciates.

  2. Buying a property to live in, and letting out or renting out a room or rooms in the property, think AirBnB.

  3. Buying a student rental property for your child who’s about to go to college so you don’t throw away 4 years of rent.

  4. Buying a property that needs work, whether its residential, multi-unit or commercial, and renovating it, renting it out, and then refinancing it and holding it for the long term; BRRR.

  5. Buying a commercial property with stable long-term tenants and holding it long term.

  6. Buying an industrial property with a stable long-term tenant and holding it long term.

  7. Buying a property then applying the Rent to Own method, whereby a tenant rents and you have a contract in place for them to buy the property from you after so many years.

  8. Buying a piece of land to hold until it appreciates and build on it or develop it or sell it.

  9. Buying land and severing it into parts and sell each individual part for a profit

  10. Buying a multi-unit property with more then one unit under one roof and holding it long term.

  11. Buying a property and assigning the property to someone for a profit; wholesaling.

  12. Buying a property and converting the basement into an in-law suite you can rent out.

Each way to invest in real estate is another opportunity for you to start investing in real estate.

I have invested in real estate in almost all these different ways I mentioned, as well as I have invested in almost every type of property, except for industrial properties.

After successes and failures over the years I’ve learned which types of properties I like to purchase and which way of investing I like to use. There is no right way to invest or right property to invest in, but like anything, you must enjoy what you’re doing and be successful at it. WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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