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Need Help Investing in Real Estate?

If you to start investing in real estate, or you are just beginning to invest in real estate, I have one key piece of advice for you that will help you become a successful real estate investor. It’s what helped me grow my portfolio to over a dozen properties consisting of over 50 units, in less than 5 years. Stay tuned to find out what the it is.

If there is one piece of advice I can offer you, to help you get started in investing in real estate, or help you get to the next level in your real estate investing career,

It’s too……. Wait for it….. GET A COACH OR MENTOR.

To help explain this, I’m going to answer some questions on exactly why I suggest you do this.

First off, you might be wondering, why do I need a coach, a mentor?

Well, having a coach is basically like having a partner. They are there to bounce ideas off of, answer your questions, discuss issues, brainstorm. When I began, I didn’t have this luxury, investing in real estate all alone. And when you don’t know what you’re doing, this makes it very scary! When I finally decided to hire a coach, that’s when my real estate investing business boomed, because they were able to guide me down the right path, help me achieve the goals I wanted to achieve which was to retire and live off the passive income from my portfolio. But to build that portfolio, a large enough one to live of the income, I needed a strategy to get there, I need to implement systems, needed to be held accountable , and these were things they helped and made me do.

Another question is, how do you find a coach, a mentor?

To do this, you should go to meetups in your city, go to investing clubs, join real estate investing newsletters, join facebook groups about real estate investing. A coach or mentor can be someone right in your city you live in, or they can be online and you communicate that way. Each way will work.

Will you have to pay for a coach?

To hire a coach, most likely yes. I don’t know any coaches that will work with you for free. This is because they are offering all their knowledge about real estate investing to you. Knowledge they spent years accumulating and probably spent 10 to 100’s of thousands of dollars of their own to learn.

A coach wants to see you succeed, and will do this by teaching you what they already know, because they’ve been there, and will share their experiences, and help you avoid the mistakes they made.

Plus, a coach will make you their top priority, and when you have questions, they will and should be readily available to answer them. I mean, this is why you are paying them.

Are their other ways I can learn about real estate investing besides hiring a coach?

Yes, attending seminars are a great way as most have break out classes that teach you about certain topics of real estate investing, as well as there are many other like minded individuals there to talk to and discuss real estate, which will be a great resource of information.

There are also online courses that can be very valuable. I myself offer a 6 week online real estate investing course which helps beginners learn about real estate investing. You can click the icon in the corner to learn more about it or in the description below. Another great way to learn about real estate investing is to check out This is a great website that many other real estate investors contribute to, sharing their stories through blogs, offering advice, answering questions about certain topics. And lastly, and of course I’m going to toot my own horn, to learn more about real estate investing, check out my other videos on my youtube channel, and subscribe to it to see future videos

And there you have it, the one piece advice I suggest wanna be or even current real estate investors should do to help them invest in real estate. WHAT TO DO NEXT: Learn How to Invest in Real Estate on Autopilot

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