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Are You Really that Busy?

Have you ever noticed how everyone is the busiest person in the world?
Today has been one of those days where people have been too busy to answer there phone and/or their email.
Called my lawyer this morning following up to the voicemail I left yesterday for them regarding some land I"m looking to sell and again he didn't pick up. Called my business bank account manager to discuss the refinance I'm trying to complete on a mixed-use 5 unit commercial property, and of course he didn't pick up. Called my accountant to discuss the tax consequences when I sell the land, and, yup, you guessed it, she didn't pick up.
I get it, people get busy, however, I've made it a point in my business to get back to people that same day, unless I don't want to get back to them!
We are not that busy! We just aren't efficient with our time.
Being an entrepreneur, I've learned how to be very efficient with the 24 hours I get each day.
But since I don't work an 8-5; I work when I want to work, I have to really focus on making sure I get everything done that I want to work on each day, otherwise I'd become a waster of time.
To make sure I get 8-10 hours of work in each day, I found creating a schedule of my whole day and what I'm doing each hour.
Here's what my calendar looks like on a weekly basis, scheduling in everything I'm doing each and every hour...
This helps because if I don't do this, then I'll probably become one of those people that IS TOO BUSY to answer their phone or email.
There are so many hours in a day, and by scheduling my day out like this, it helps me to use my time wisely.
As you can see, I start everyday at 7:30AM, and end the day around 9:30PM.
Now that seems like a long day, but as I said, I don't work an 8-5, so each day I usually take a 2 hour lunch, and each day I usually take 2 hours to go to the gym and then come home to cook dinner.
Then at around 9PM I take 30 minutes or an hour and educate myself. In the end, by scheduling my day and when I need to focus on getting work done, I get 8-10 hours of it.
And this is uninterrupted work.
Ever since I started doing this, I get so much more accomplished and I feel better about myself because I'm not wasting any time.
Sure, I could stop working around 6PM and call it a night, but to get ahead in this world, you need to put in those extra hours. So scheduling it into my calendar to work at night, and scheduling it into my calendar to educate myself at 9 PM, helps me succeed.
Of course I'd rather relax and start watching TV at 8PM, but how will that better me. I get about an hour of TV each night, and then hit the hay around 11PM, and sleep for 8 hours.
Life is busy, I get it, but it's on you to make sure it doesn't get to busy. A calendar is the best way to stay on track, especially as your real estate investing business grows. It will help you organize your day, so that you can work on your side hustle, can go to the gym, can make time to be with your kids, can cook a nice dinner.
Use your 24 hours in a day to their fullest by using a calendar, and I promise you, you will become much more time efficient in your life, and in your business.
And this way, you don't become one of these people whom never pick up their phone, never reply to your email, never help you in your business.
The person whom is sooo busy! WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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