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How To Buy Properties for Just $15K

I know what you're thinking when you see that subject line, 'great' another scheme. But this isn't a scheme, or some intricate way to get properties cheap, or a sneaky way to buying properties cheap.
It really is a very easy way to find properties that are very affordable in your local market to purchase.
Just check out the picture below to see for yourself and then I'll explain:

What this is are the property tax sales in my local market, Windsor, ON.
I check our cities website every month, as they post them the 1st of each month usually, to see if there are any.
This month, there was a bunch actually (hasn't been any since July), and today I'm going to be driving around to the ones I put stars next to because they are literally up for tender at a fraction of what they would cost on the open market.
Perfect example, the property at 3318 Byng, where the minimum tender is approx $15K, this property is easily worth $100K in that area.
Of course, the negative with tax sales is you can't go in them, nor get much information about the property, nor not be able to take vacant possession of them.
But at these prices, these are things that you can work with and deal with, because you are going to make a huge profit upon selling them, or make a nice return if you hold onto the property as a rental, or get all your money back quickly if you renovate it and refinance it.
In saying that, you're going to need help in buying and owning real estate FAST, and that's where my FAST Investing Roadmap System can help!
It teaches you the foundation you need to own real estate FAST.
Such as, how to find the best market to invest in, so you know which properties to buy. I myself know my market and the areas in my market, which is why I scratched off some of the properties because they aren't in a good area.
Also, you're going to need a team to help you invest in real estate. I've already reached out to some of the people on my team, such as my property manager, whom I trust, to advise him of a potential new property he might need to manage for me. As well, I have my Realtor looking into these areas to confirm the resale prices of these properties, so I don't overpay, which in my FAST Investing Roadmap System, I teach you all the professionals you need on your team, and what to look for when finding them.
Lastly, to make sure you don't overpay, you're going to need to know how to analyze the properties, and in my FAST Investing Roadmap System, I share with you the spreadsheets I used to grow my portfolio to over 50 units, along with how to videos for using them. This way you can run the numbers and make sure you don't tender too high for these properties. WHAT TO DO NEXT: Learn How to Find the Best Markets to Invest In