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There Are Other Ways to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

Of course I'm biased and this is going to be about investing in real estate. However, not entirely.
My point is, don't just invest where you're told to invest. I had a beer with a friend this Tuesday, and he was very excited because he had just sold his starter home and upgraded to a much larger, more expensive home. He took the $100K in equity he made, and just put it into this more expensive home (Don't get me started on this gameplan again)!
I get it, this is what the American Dream is all about.
However, his mortgage payment is now still about the same, if not a little more, and he's still saving just as much as he was before.
Basically, he's still working to pay his mortgage.
He's fine with it though, because he has his company pension, where they match 3% of what he contributes, and he puts some extra funds in an RRSP, and if he works until the home is paid off, when he's 63, he'll have a good nest egg and can then retire.
That works out to 40 years of working an 8-5 for him.
Sadly, I was right there next to him only 6 years ago, thinking this is what life is about. This is the return I'll get on my investments. This is how long I'll have to work to save for retirement so I can live the same lifestyle when I do.
Luckily, I got out!
I had my eyes opened up to other ways that you can invest your hard earned money, where you can make a much better return, so you won't have to work an 8-5 for 40 straights years.
So, quit following the crowd, doing what is normal, not researching and learning about other ways that you can invest.
Such as investing in real estate.
And you can invest in real estate even if you don't want to deal with tenants, or be a landlord.
Such as becoming a private lender, or joint venturing with someone whom has experience investing in real estate and your the silent partner, or invest in new developments, such as this one from Prestigious Properties that came across my desk the other day.
Investing in real estate is the best way to invest your hard earned money...
And the best way to have your money working for you, not the other way around, you working for your money.
And my FREE real estate investing bootcamp is the golden ticket to help you start doing just that today.
And put you on the path to retiring sooner, quitting your 8-5 job, taking more vacations, and just start living your life everyday.
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