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4 Ways to Build Confidence (By Investing in Real Estate)

It’s a new year! A fresh start. A chance for a new you. Someone whom is going to take the world by storm. Have the confidence to get that promotion, to ask that girl out, to finally quit your job because you know you deserve better, and you can do better. But how? Every time you think you have the confidence to take your life to the next level, to do what you always tell yourself you’re going to do, you get scared, you delay, you think yourself out of it. So how can you quit talking the talk, and start walking the walk? Well, if your watching this video, I’m going to show you just how you can, how you can gain the confidence you need, and its actually quite simple. So stay tuned, to find out how.

So, how can you take your life to the next level, to have more confidence. Well, you start investing in real estate. Yes, you heard that right!, Stay with me here and I’ll explain how, because before I started investing in real estate, I had little confidence in myself. I was stuck in the corporate ladder, always thinking but never doing. And now, my whole mindset has changed, I’ve gained the respect of my peers, am a role model, built a secure financial future I don’t have to stress about everyday, and have the drive now to continue to do more.

Let’s talk about the first one. How investing in real estate will build your confidence and improve your mindset.

By owning real estate, a money making asset, you automatically get a sense of ownership, which psychologically gives you a feeling of accomplishment. This is because you are finally doing where most people always talk about doing, but never actually following through on. The fact you’re the one investing for your future, or for your kids future, improves your mindset because it is you whom is taking on the responsibility. This sense of accomplishment helps you to believe in your own abilities, skills and knowledge.

The second way investing in real estate builds your confidence, is through the respect you will gain. When you own real estate, you automatically become the boss. The one making the decisions.

This alone will give you respect from others whom you are dealing with.

I know this because when I was working as a realtor, before I had purchased any investment properties, other investors would always look at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was just that Realtor showing them properties. My advice meant nothing, because they didn’t respect me. And whom could blame them. I had no experience in investing in real estate, so any knowledge I had fell on deaf ears.

As years went on, and my portfolio grew, the experience I gained from owning real estate earned me the respect from other investors (and winning the 2015 CREW magazine investor of the year didn’t hurt either).

The best was when I’d be working with a new investor or home buyer whom wasn’t aware of my real estate investing success. And sometimes I’d get treated with such disrespect. It would almost get to the point where I would think to myself why am I even doing this, my time is better spent on my business then showing homes. It’s actually why I’ve put being a Realtor on hold to focus on my real estate investing business. Anyways, when it did come out that I owned over 50 units, oh man, would their attitude change.

Onto the next way investing in real estate will build your confidence. You will become a Role Model to others.

No more looking up to others, wishing you were them, well, I shouldn’t say no more, there is always going to be others you will look to for inspiration, for guidance, because you always need a role model. But now, you can be that person to others whom are looking to start investing in real estate. The person others will look too as an expert when it comes to investing in real estate. And although I’m no expert, the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years has definitely made others seek out advice from me. Having people wanting to learn more about how to invest in real estate, or even invest in real estate altogether, is such an amazing feeling and gives you a huge boost to your confidence.

The 4th way you’ll gain confidence by investing in real estate is because you are building yourself a securer financial future.

Just knowing that you are investing your hard earned money in a money making asset, investing for your retirement, so that you will have enough of a nest egg to retire on, will take a mountain of stress off your shoulders, and give you more confidence because now you won’t be going to bed every night wondering if you’re saving enough. When you own real estate, it is generating you a return, making you money, 24/7. By having your mortgage being paid down, by someone whom is renting your property, as well as the appreciation the property will generate, and the extra cash flow you might put in your pocket each month, is a huge confidence booster. Whomever said money can’t buy you happiness is wrong, because most of us would like to have more. And if you hopefully you don’t spend it on wants, on depreciating assets, but instead invest it in appreciating assets... like real estate!!

Also, here’s another reason building a secure financial future by investing in real estate will give you more confidence. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a research organization that has been examining for years how prepared Americans are for retirement, three out of 10 Americans say they are so afraid they won't ever be able to retire or that they will run out of money too early in retirement that they even think about it at work. How can you be confident in your abilities, in your skills, in yourself, when you’re constantly thinking that you will have to work another 30-40-50 years to one day retire, and even afford retirement at that. That’s a huge burden on your mind, on your confidence, but will go away, or at least lessen, when you invest in real estate.

In saying that, if you want to gain more confidence, and do it by investing in real estate, then I have the perfect gift for you. My real estate investing bootcamp, which will teach you the foundation you need to begin investing in real estate. . WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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