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Would Love to Own a Property in NYC

I was in New York City for a couple of days before the New Year, (no we didn't stay for the ball drop, too crazy for us), a little Christmas vacation before entering 2019, and I gotta say, I just loved walking around that city, looking at all the potential investment opportunities.
I'd tell me wife over and over again, wow, how cool with it be to own that building, or that building, or that building.
Then I'd think about the people whom did buy decades ago, and how much the property is wroth today, and just get very jealous, because they've probably made millions now with the appreciation properties in that city have had.
Of course I'd never invest there now. I don't think any of the properties cash flow these days, due to the high prices (although I just read the average cost of a home is under a million for the first time in 3 years), and if you do invest there, you are investing on speculation, which is basically like gambling,
That's not how I want to invest, buying negative cash flowing properties, where I'd have to come up with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month to cover the properties expenses and mortgage.
This is not something I'd want to do, just so that in 5-10 years I could sell and then realize a profit; hopefully!
This is why I"m sticking with my affordable markets, and there are still tons in the US and Canada, and all over the world.
I look to smaller markets in the US, such as Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, as great markets that have hit bottom and will and are slowly appreciating.
And this is fine, because appreciation on your investment property is the bonus when you invest in real estate.
I now invest in properties with the main goal being, to break even.
If a property does cash flow a bit, awesome, but breaking even, and just having the mortgage being paid down by good tenants generates a great return on my investment.
Then, when you throw in some appreciation, the return is amazing, definitely better then investing in the stock market.
Plus, if you haven't been paying attention, the ups and downs of a stock market are too stressful. I look at my portfolio, and its down 6 figures, and there is nothing I can do.
My properties though. There all rented, making me money while I sleep, and have only been making me money, not losing me money.
And who knows, maybe one day all my properties will all be worth millions, as a result of my little affordable market of Windsor, ON becoming the next New York.
Hey, you never know! WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp