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Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions

When you run and own a business, any business, you are looked at to make EVERY decision. Sure, you may have managers whom work for you whom can call the shots sometimes.
But most of the time, you are counted on to make MOST of the decisions.
Whether it's big or small too.
Owning real estate is just like any business.
Now, people may think that it's a side hustle, but it's a side hustle where you collect income, pay bills, manage people such as tradespeople, contractors, property managers, negotiate with sellers, deal with tenants, and so much more.
It is not your ordinary side hustle.
It's why I don't call investing in real estate a side hustle.
And the decisions you make when investing in real estate can be huge life changing decisions.
Such as when you make the decision to buy your first investment property, that's a huge decision.
Or when you make the decision to buy that fixer upper vs a nice turn-key rental property, that's a huge decision.
Or when you are choosing which tenant you want to rent your investment property too, that's a huge decision.
And if their is one thing I've learned from investing in real estate over the past 5 years, making decisions is exhausting.
I read an article the other day, this one here, that states we make some 35,000 decisions a day.
From small ones such as the shirt you're going to wear, to large ones, such as buying and investing in real estate.
With so many decisions to be made each day by you, you end up using a ton of brain power.
I think 35K is low to be honest. This is for the normal person, not a real estate investor.
The many decisions I make each day, each week, as a result of owning 55 units, are probably much more then 35,000 a day.
Because of all the decisions I make, I've now become much more conscious of which decisions I do make, mainly, the small decisions that can be made by other people.
Sure, everyone looks to you as the chief, the head honcho, the one whom is to make all the decisions, but not every decision needs to be made by you.
This is why you need to let others make their own decisions sometimes. Let them use their brain power to make the decision, so that you can save yours for when it matters.
My wife gets mad at me these days because she'll ask me a question, which involves making a decision, on something minor such as 'should I start the car' (to heat it up), and to me, I now look at that as something that has no effect on whether I say yes or no.
It's not life threatening, and whatever decision she makes will have zero effect on me.
However, using my brain power to make a small decision like that, along with the 35,000 others a day, could result in me making the wrong decision due to fatigue, from making these small decisions, for when it really matters.
So, what I'm trying to say is, let others make the small decisions, so you will have the brain power to make the right decisions, for the big decisions!
Now it's time to make a decision.
Don't worry though, because I'm going to make the decision for you.
Make the right decision and do it now. WHAT TO DO NEXT: Enroll in Real Estate Investing Bootcamp

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