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How to Find Off Market Properties

You always hear about these investors whom somehow find these amazing properties. Those unicorn properties that meet all your criteria on your checklist. And you think to yourself, how come I never find these properties.

So, how do THEY do it? Is there some sort of secret, or are they just lucky?

Let me tell you in my experience, it’s not luck. And it’s not what you’re thinking. Investors whom find these great deals, these money-making properties, these unicorns, aren’t finding them by putting up bandit signs, or mass marketing yellow letters letting everyone know that they buy houses, or putting out ads on Craiglist or Kijiji, or calling up the landlords whom have for rent signs up. What these investors are doing to find these properties; these unicorn properties, before they hit the market; the MLS, is a in fact a SECRET, and if you watch to the end of this video, I will share this secret with you, so you can find them too!

So, how can you find those amazing deals, those unicorn properties, before they hit the market and the flood gates open and you then have to compete with all the other investors out there?

How can you get the inside track so you are the one whom knows about an upcoming investment opportunity before everyone else does and can make an offer and buy it? How can you buy that property that never goes on sale, because they are beautiful properties, wealth generating properties, properties handed down generation to generation?

Well, I’ve had this conversation many times over the years with other investors, asking me how to get those properties, the ones that never go on sale, but then all of a sudden one day they are sold.

The ones that you would love to buy, and think to yourself, how can I buy that. And, if that property ever hits the market, I’m making an offer on it.

And what I tell them is, and the secret to finding these types of properties is, you need to build your Brand Awareness!

So, what do I mean by that? Brand awareness. Well, when you invest in real estate, you are the boss, the owner, the CEO, the face, the BRAND, of your business.

And like any business, if you want to grow your business, grow your portfolio, you need to grow your awareness.

Sure, you might be thinking, I only want to buy 1 or 2 properties, this is just a hobby, I’m not building a business, or a brand.

Well trust me, that might be the initial plan, but for one, real estate is not a hobby, it’s a business, and 2, when you start investing in real estate, you’re going to want to buy more and more, especially once you realize the returns your real estate investments are generating. (it’s what happened to me!)

So, what will happen is you are going to slowly start making the world aware that you’re a real estate investor, in essence, building your brand, by default.

You won’t even realize it, but all of a sudden one day, there will come a time when you get contacted about an off-market deal, and you won’t be able to pass it up, and all of a sudden, your plan to own 1 or two just turned into 3.

It’s what happened to me, and it happens to many investors!

And by combining this strategy with also purchasing properties to grow your portfolio that are listed on MLS, which is exactly how I purchased most of my properties in my portfolio of over 50 units, you end up supercharging your real estate investing business, giving you even more opportunities to build your business and build your wealth.

Now, I’m not saying YOU have to build your brand, so that others know you’re a real estate investor, so that when a property owner is thinking of selling or a Realtor has a back-pocket listing, they contact you.

What I am saying is, why not?

Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself more opportunities to find amazing properties to invest in.

Why would you want to land that home run, that property that is going to make a huge profit, or generate instant wealth?

So, start building your brand awareness.

You most likely are already doing it, so why not do it more!

This way, when an owner is thinking of selling their property, and I know myself from my experience of being a Realtor.

That owner is calling their Realtor, and that Realtor is contacting their network right away, WAYYYY before they ever think of having to list the property...

And, they aren’t just calling everyone in their Rolodex, wasting their time on people whom they know won’t be interested in purchasing the property.


They are contacting the people they know aren’t going to waste their time and might be interested, might pull the trigger, and buy that property.

Over the course of my real estate investing career, I’ve had many Realtors let me know about properties they have for sale but they don’t list.

I remember sitting down couple years ago with a Realtor whom was selling an island, amongst many other good investment opportunities.

I asked him why he didn’t list them, and usually it’s because the owner doesn’t want it listed, out there for the general public to see, so they rely on the Realtors network.

This is why you need to build real estate investing businesses brand, so you can become part of a Realtors’ network.

And not just Realtor’s networks, but you need to make other professionals aware of your business, such as lawyers, accountants, dentists, business owners, people whom also have a large network, so you’re in essence tapping into their network.

This way when they have a client, or friend, or acquaintance, whom is thinking of selling their investment property, you are the person they contact, because you’ve made them aware of your business.

This is the million-dollar secret! That is how you get those amazing off market real estate deals.

Brand Awareness.

Making the world aware of your real estate investing business, so that people automatically think of you.

Of course, this takes time, and it won’t happen overnight.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to build up brand for your real estate investing business, such as building a website, getting a Facebook page, having business cards.

But the real secret to building a brand, is you need to develop a reputation where people trust you and what you do.

So, let people know that you’re in the business of collecting properties. Talk about it when you’re out with your friends.

Go to networking events and meet people and let them know what you do.

Share your successes of the properties you’ve invested in and the returns you’re generating. Get the word out as much as possible, so that people remember you.

And when you do this, you will take your business to the next level, you will be the one whom is contacted about a property that is for sale, that is off market, and you will grow your portfolio with high returning properties, and you will grow your wealth.

That everyone, is the secret.

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