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Find a Wolf

I'm reading Jordan Belfort's newest book, "Way of the Wolf".
You remember Jordan Belfort? They made a movie about him... The Wolf of Wall Street.
Probably my favourite movie by the way.
Anyways, in his new book, he goes deep into how to be a better salesperson, sharing his secrets of how you too can follow his Straight Line Method and become better at selling.
I've definitely picked up some good ideas, on how to talk to people, to get them to trust you right from the beginning, which is the biggest obstacle when you are trying to sell someone something.
Anyways, as I'm reading this book, I'm thinking about real estate, and Realtors.
Over the past 7 years I've been one, I've probably come across 2 real true salespeople.
Jordan talks about this in his book, how most people aren't born salespeople, and that only 1% really are.
These 1%, they are natural salespeople, able to 'sell a pen', sell ice to an Eskimo.
They know all the tricks and cues and what to say, when to say it, how to read people, how to gain that trust.
The rest, people like you and me, we need to learn, to practice, to work hard at trying to be better at selling.
So, as I was saying, I was thinking about Realtors, and realized how many I came cross in my career whom just aren't that good.
It's the old 80-20 rules, where 80% of the business is done by 20% of the people. However, many successful Realtors I know for a fact are successful just because of their network. Which is huge, and isn't easy to do, I'm not saying that.
What I am saying is, even though they are successful, doesn't mean they are going to go to bat and help sell for you.
I've seen Realtors and talked to Realtors whom really are just playing the middleman. Emailing offers back and forth, with no negotiating, no selling going on at all.
So don't be fooled by the success of a Realtor, the advertisements, the fancy cars, the billboards. This doesn't mean they are good at selling at all. They could just be paper pushers.
When finding a good Realtor, find the one whom in my experience isn't advertising, isn't in the fancy car, isn't on the billboard. that's because the true salesperson doesn't have time to market, they are too busy doing what they do best, which is selling.
I've found 2 in my 7 years, and even though I'm a Realtor, I still hire them to help me buy properties and sell. This is because I know they will sell, they will negotiate, they will save me thousands of dollars, or make me thousands of dollars, because they have the skills to sell.
Go find that Realtor. Don't fall for the fancy marketing, don't listen to a friend whom is going to refer you their Realtor, don't use your friend whom is a Realtor just to be nice.
Investing in real estate is business, and your goal is to make money, so don't leave it in the hands of a rookie, leave it in the hands of a true seller!
If you want to learn how to find a good Realtor, then sign up for my FAST Investing Roadmap System.
In it, I will teach you what to look for to 'find the wolf', along with the other professionals you need on your team, to help you invest in real estate on autopilot.
Along with how to analyze properties the Right Way, and how to find the best markets to invest in.
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