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Real Estate vs Everything

I had a meeting with my small business account manager yesterday and as I’m sitting in the waiting section I grab this flyer, and just about burst out laughing!

Look at the interest they are offering!

This is criminal.

Inflation is almost 2%, and they're offering less, so you're actually losing money when you invest with the banks!

As a real estate investor, knowing the returns I get on my investments, knowing the returns I offer my partners, I could never accept these low of returns.

I could never promote to potential investors whom are looking to partner with me 1% ROI if they gave me $250K.

Sure there is zero risk when investing in an e-savings account, but investing in real estate is low risk as well, because its a calculated risk...

For me.

That's because I know how to reduce my risk, to invest in real estate.

And, I always play out best case, worst case scenarios before a real estate investment I’ve ever purchased, and worst case has never produced a return this low.

It’s unfortunate the majority of the public doesn’t understand money.

Doesn’t understand there are other options out there to invest there hard earned funds.

We aren’t taught these things in school, how to invest our money.

So when we get to the real world, all we really know is what our financial adviser tells us.

Because we are told once we get a job to meet with one to discuss how we’re going to save for the future.

And usually the conversation goes something along the lines of picking pick 1 of these 3 funds to invest in,

  • low risk,

  • medium risk,

  • high risk.

Other then that.

That’s it!

They show you some fancy graph, the returns you can make, and if you invest so much each year, this is what you’re nest egg will look like, if you save for this long, and get this much return.

Unfortunately even this is criminal.

This book I'm reading right now really opened up my eyes, RRSP Secrets, and how as a result of not understanding money, so many people do this.

We choose to trust complete strangers with our hard earned money.

We choose to invest in funds with large Managing Expense Ratios (MER's) that eat away at our overall returns.

There was a quote in the book from Warren Buffet re diversification, which everyone always preaches, but he hit the nail on the head saying people whom diversify are people whom don’t understand what they are investing in.

I’m lucky to have found real estate, taken an interest in it, and educated myself to understand how to invest in it.

Before then, I was like everyone else, got a job out school, was making good money, went to the bank to see what I should do with it to save for the future, and sat in front of my financial adviser and chose the best mutual fund to invest in.

Not knowing of all the other options that are available out there, with much better returns, where you invest your own money, where you’re in charge of your money, instead of someone else.

That’s why I love real estate.

Because you are in charge.

You are in control.

If there is a loss, it’s on you.

I can deal with that.

Plus, when you know how to invest in real estate; you understand how to invest in real estate, there is much less risk.

People always tell me how risky it is.

Yes, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And this is why I’ve become an educator, to help people understand how they can easily invest in real estate.

So, if you’re sick and tired of the low returns that these banks are offering, or the low returns due to the huge fees mutual funds offer, then invest in yourself and opt-in to my Fast Investing Roadmap System.

This is a great way to learn the foundation of how to invest in real estate.


Enroll in the Fast Investing Roadmap System

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